Third Annual Tim McKay Birdathon

Though our winter winds are still blowing and rain is pelting down we can take heart because Spring is just around the corner and with it comes another opportunity to get out for a great day of bird watching while you help support two wonderful local organizations. In May, individuals and teams will once again sally forth to amass a list of birds seen during a 24 hour period. With every different species that is tallied the cash register “ka-chings” and money collected after the event will be donated to the Northcoast Environmental Center (NEC) and the Redwood Region Audubon Society (RRAS). Birdathons have been taking place throughout America for over thirty years now and they have proven to be a fun filled activity that can make a huge difference to the volunteer organizations they support.

This year the Birdathon will begin May 6th and last until May 14th giving participants nine days to pick a period of time in which they can maximize their efforts. It’s not too early to begin putting your team together and planning your route for your “Big Day”. As we have for the last two years, prizes will be awarded to those teams (or individuals) that garner the most sponsors and donations. We know that some people have difficulty asking anyone for money but remember you are not pandering for yourself you are working on behalf of two organizations that operate on a shoestring and yet provide our community amazing benefits with regard to our environment. We are likely sailing into troubled waters these next four years and groups like the RRAS and the NEC will be at the forefront of the fight helping to guard our resources and threatened ecosystems.

Register your team at <> and watch that site for pledge sheets, prizes, and other information. Tim McKay worked his entire adult life as Director of the NEC and waged battle after battle on our behalf against those that would overuse our resources for short sighted and immediate profit. He began the local Birdathons back in the 80s’ and we trust that his motto: “Endless pressure; Endlessly applied” will stand for the continuing work we must all help accomplish.