The fastest, easiest way to find out about recent local bird activity!
Bird Box :  707-822-5666
Elias Elias provides instructions on its use:
The premier way to find out about recent bird sightings, and to report your own, is our birders' voice mail system. It is called variously the Northwest California Bird Alert or by many simply the "bird box." For those of us who birdwatch with a phone at hand, this mode of reporting is probably the preferred option because an unlimited number of folks can be notified in an instant with a simple call. All this can be done with barely taking your eyes off the bird.
The way it works is an observer leaves a message at 707-822-5666.
Upon hanging up, the answering machine emails the audio file to a google groups Listserv. The list server then emails that audio file to all subscribers. If you have an iPhone. You can set your phone to ding by turning the sender's email address as a VIP. You can then listen to the audio message without calling the alert. If you are hyper concerned with getting messages ASAP, sign up to the Listserv with a iCloud email account and your messages will get pushed to your phone within like 30 seconds. If you have a different email provider you must wait for your email app to fetch messages. Up to 15 minutes will elapse. Things likely work similarly if you have a droid or a windows phone but I have no experience with either of them.