Over 100 people attended our August Bird-Friendly Yards Tour in Eureka! Feedback we received has been positive, so we hope to do it again, perhaps in another town next time.
Below are just a few of the photos taken by Alexa DeJohannis illustrating the huge variety of people, plants and habitats that made this event so great.
One of Connie Doyle's bird baths.
And Connie welcoming visitors to her garden.
 Yarrow and lavender flourish in Connie's garden.
 The McNally's like this window treatment for deterring birds from running into the windows.
 Acopian Bird Savers in place at the McNally's
Deb and Erica plan their route to bicycle to the gardens
"Catios" protect both birds and cats. Two of our yards featured catios.
The Clarks do not presently have a cat, but they are prepared!
 Donna Clark in their sunny Catio
Matthew Huff has catios too.
Bill Hole loved sharing his flowering garden with visitors, who loved his jazzy music, too!
 Which birds like which plants? The Seegers hang bird signs from their bushes.
 Monty Caid at Lost Foods Nursery shared his knowledge with visitors and also provided us with space for selling tickets and providing refreshments and information.
Lots of native plants make your yard bird-friendly. Try these!

And some appealing wetland plants!