In 2015 Coast Seafood applied for approval from the Humboldt Bay Harbor District to continue and greatly expand their shellfish production in Humboldt Bay. Their original Draft Environmental Impact Report, which can be found on the Harbor District's web site, was met with concern by many agencies and organizations, including RRAS.
RRAS's primary focus is the protection of birds and their habitats. The proposed expansion, we explained, would negatively impact brant feeding and resting areas and disrupt eel grass beds, upon which they are dependent. We submitted comments on serious inadequacies in their Draft Environmental Impact Report.
The Final Environmental Impact Statement is now available for public comment. RRAS will be reviewing and probably commenting on the new proposal.
The Harbor District plans to approve it on January 19, 2017.
PROJECT LOCATION: North and central portions of Humboldt Bay, Humboldt County, CA.
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The project involves: (1) extending regulatory approvals for Coast’s existing approximately 300 acres of shellfish culture; (2) increasing shellfish culture within an already permitted floating upwelling system by adding eight culture bins; (3) authorizing culture of Pacific and Kumamoto oysters within Coast’s existing clam rafts; (4) relocating approximately 5 acres of existing cultch-on-longline culture; and (5) permitting a total of 622 acres of additional intertidal culture in two phases.
FEIR CERTIFICATION: The FEIR will be presented to the Harbor District Board of Commissioners to certify as a complete and adequate analysis of the environmental effects of the Project under CEQA at a public meeting in the Harbor District Conference Room, Woodley Island on January 19, 2017, at 7 p.m. All interested persons are invited to be present and be heard. Written communications may be directed to: Jack Crider, Executive Director, 601 Startare Drive, Eureka, CA 95501, or by email to