Our garden began its transformation 7 years ago with the removal of a 3” layer of Zoysia grass that dominated the front lawn. I considered a mass planting of a favorite California native plant, Red Twig Dogwood, but my curiosity spurred a plant sanctuary filled with a large variety of California natives and cultivars of the natives, along with vegetables, and various acquired additions through the years.


When a new plant arrives I let it naturalize, either reproducing, or dying out if it can’t adapt to its niche. Native berries I have planted are enjoyed by birds and forest visitors. They include Service Berries, Oregon Grape, Black Caps, and huckleberries, along with the garden’s bounty of strawberries, blueberries, mulberries, and cherries. The White Crowned Sparrows especially love the Creeping Raspberry fruits.


We have hosted up to 12 nests in past years. I love trees! With limited space, I planted a few dwarf versions of California trees, along with 8 fruit trees, and more trees in pots.

Throughout the yard I’ve placed cement leafs for collecting little pools of water from the fog, appreciated by the bugs and birds.
At the solar fountain I enjoy watching the humming birds have a hover shower and young birds splash around. This mature garden is a haven for animals, insects, and people alike.