Join us for a county-approved, COVID-safe "mini" Fall Preview birding event. Small group size, no more than 7 registrants plus trip leader. Face coverings and physical distancing required.


SATURDAY, September 26, 7:30 to 10:30 am
[Sunrise 7:09 am; High Tide 10:26 an; Low Tide 3:35 pm]

$20; Leader: Alexa DeJoannis

During fall migration a birder can expect to see close to 30-40 species of shorebirds exploit Humboldt Bay’s various habitats. This trip will focus on observing shorebirds on north Humboldt Bay during the rising tide. Dress in layers and bring a reusable water bottle, porta-potty available.


SUNDAY, September 27, 9 am to 1 pm
[Sunrise 7:10 am; High Tide 11:13 am; Low Tide 4:36 pm]


$20; Leader: Alexa DeJoannis

The North Spit provides a variety of birding spots out to the Jetty. Here the rocky shore specialists -- Surfbird, Black Turnstone, and Wandering Tattler -- can be found. If you have a spotting scope, this is an excellent time to bring it along for scanning the ocean for seabirds. Woodley Island, Vance Road, and the Samoa Bridge can also be explored for mud-foraging shorebirds. Expect variable terrain, dress in layers, bring a reusable water bottle, lunch, and a spotting scope, if you have one. Restrooms available at the Jetty.


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