The Huffs love both birds and cats, and want both of them to be present and alive in their yard. They also think that no one should lose their cat to a car or a wild animal.


To accomplish these goals, they have created safe outdoor living spaces, “catios,” that their three Maine Coon cats love.

This catio, attached to the front of the house, allows neighbors to interact with the cats.
And that's catnip growing in the pot below the hammock!
Matthew has used primarily reclaimed materials, so his spacious catios were not expensive to make.
You need to see the cats sleeping on hammocks he made for them from old jeans!
A small catio is attached to the outside of the bedroom window. The cats love the rough-barked branches it, which have become their preferred scratching posts.  Indoor scratching has stopped.


A small fountain and pond provide water for birds and lots of other visitors.


His front lawn was fairly small, and he recently removed a portion of it completely. He has seeded the area with wildflower seeds, which are already providing color, and drawing a variety of pollinators.