Lost Foods Native Plant Nursery and Sanctuary, Redwood Acres.

Native plants have been thriving in this garden and nursery created by Monty Caid at the edge of the fairgrounds. He will answer questions and talk about the many uses of the native plants there and the importance of growing and using native plants for food, medicine, and attracting and providing habitat for wildlife like birds, bees, and butterflies.

Checker bloom is a beautiful, native annual that provides salad greens in the Spring, flowers throughout summmer and fall, and is a primary nectar and egg-laying plant for some local butterflies.


California is a world hot spot for native plant diversity with over 6000 species, more than all other states combined. Native plants and the wildlife that depend on them are endangered.

Native plants are the structure of habitat, so we can all help build habitat by planting natives on land we use.
Plant them along with your other favorites (like blueberries). They will draw pollinators, and add their own benefits to your garden.


Find the nursery and sanctuary at the Redwood Acres Fairgrounds in Eureka, 3750 Harris Street. Enter the fairgrounds at Gate #3 at the end of Harris Street and turn left and follow the road to the garden area. Lost Foods is a local non-profit dedicated to restoring native plant diversity and abundance. 707-268-8447