Osprey Lane was named after the Ospreys that sang to us as we built our house in 1989.   We have an acre with a road through the middle of it.

The northwest side of our property is left wild and has lots of willows, Sitka spruce & alder trees, and native plants. There at different times of the years, we see or hear kinglets, Townsend's warblers, Swainson’s thrush, and many others.
On the northeast section, we usually have brush piles which sparrows like golden-crowned, white-throated, fox and white-crowned seem to like.
South of the road is our residence. Our feeders are in the middle of our vegetable garden surrounded by a small fence. It helps keep cats away from most of the birds.  We let many of our vegetables go to seed which the hummingbirds love.
We have “bird saver window protection” on the large windows which are about 12 feet from the feeder. 
There are trees around the perimeter of the yard where birds wait before coming to the feeders.  We also have lots of flowers.

This time of year we have chickadees, black-headed grosbeaks, purple finches, flickers, downy woodpeckers, goldfinches and many others. 
Over the last 6 years, we’ve started adding native plants to those already here, but the huckleberries and alders seem to be the birds' favorites.