This untamed mix of vegetation sits in what was once an ancient coast redwood forest that was cleared for farming and ranching in the late 1800’s. Trillium, redwood sorrel and Douglas iris miraculously persist in quiet corners of the yard.

We are the third owners of this home, which was built in 1927. According to the son of the first owner, his father was a “wild animal bounty hunter.” He hunted bears, mountain lions and other wild animals in order to make the area safer for folks to settle out here in the wilds of Cutten.

We moved here in 1988. The well-established cultivated trees and shrubs were planted too close together but were fairly well maintained. The limited time we have to spend on yard work shows in the advancement of vegetation. As time passed, the non-native undesirables encroached and pruning was not consistent. It seems as though our time and efforts working on one area allows another section to grow rampantly out of control. I guess it’s alright, because the birds find food, cover and nesting habitat and we enjoy the wildness of it.