RRAS Conservation Significant 7 Watch List
Proposal/Project Permitting Authority Description Issues & opportunities Status Import-ance Urgency Priority Notes Links
Humboldt County McKinleyville Town Center Wetlands
4 3 12

City of Eureka Revision of animal control ordinance Opportunity to prevent thousands of bird deaths through evidence-based cat control ordinances and practices Proposed in December 2019 & postponed due to multi cat owner pushback. 4 2 8 See Bird and Cat Safety Committee
State of California Last Chance Grade Bypass Watershed protection Long term project 5 1 5

State of California Offshore wind energy Seabird impacts Long term project 5 1 5

Humboldt County MotoX track on City of Eureka Airport property next to New Navy Base Road Within County LCP Beach and Dunes Management Plan ORV/OHV use prohibition area. Habitat loss, noise, challenge to existing hard won regulations. Green light by City Council. No action recorded as of February 2020 4 1 4 City property not in city limits
City of Eureka Cooper Gulch housing project Potential at-large cat problem in an urban bird area Public meetings proposed in Feb. 2020 3 1 3 See Bird and Cat Safety Commit-tee