1. A wall of dead white sweet clover blocked the view of the bay.

  2. Jess starts to attack the meleluca alba.

  3. Jess has cleared most of the dead, but still seed-laden, white clover.

  4. Trey and Susan dumped cut stalks into trailer provided by Dennis with the EPD

  5. Hal, Susan and Jemnifer collected the cut clover. We could not see the bay, campers were more visible, and native plants have more light and space.

  6. Jennifer cleared trash

  7. Hal and Susan cut seeded fronds from pampass grass

  8. Just the pampass grass stubs were left.

  9. The happy dance.

  10. Itgothotwhenthesamecameout,andwewereworkinghard.
  11. Popsicles!
  12. Hal and Susan cut flowering heads from fennel