The Redwood Region Audubon Society (RRAS) is proud to announce the publication of A Birding Guide to Humboldt County. This invaluable guidebook was written by local ornithologist and birding guide, Kenneth Burton, and designed by Arcata-based graphic designer and photographer, Leslie Scopes Anderson. It links well-known and obscure birding sites, some of them only recently opened to the public, into 25 routes spanning the entire county. The book features gorgeous photographs by Anderson, Burton, and others as well as detailed maps and directions and aids for navigating by GPS.

Nearly 500 species of birds have been found in Humboldt County; this number exceeds that recorded in many entire states. The county is home to a large, vibrant, and accomplished birding community, but until now there has been no comprehensive birding guide to the area. This book fills that gap and is aimed at local and visiting birders alike. It should appeal to non-birders as well since the routes it describes offer superb sightseeing and walking and mention little-known public-access opportunities.

The book is based heavily on data derived from eBird, a website hosted by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology that has revolutionized birding over the last decade. It covers the vast majority of eBird "hotspots" in the county. The route descriptions include suggestions for finding the county's less-common bird species and when they may be expected along each route. The book also features a table showing the route(s) on which each species is likely to be found and graphs illustrating overall species diversity by month for each route. You can preview the sightings for each route here!

Burton and Anderson have collaborated on two previous books: Common Birds of the Arcata Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary (published by Friends of the Arcata Marsh) and Common Birds of Northwest California (published by RRAS). Burton is also the author of Hiking Humboldt, volume 1 (published by Backcountry Press).


Proceeds from sales of the book will benefit RRAS’ conservation and education program. We are happy to mail copies to you, and they are also available in many local locations. For purchasing information, click here.

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