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Thursday, May 16, 7:00 p.m.

Historic Bird Names

Presented by Ken Burton

Birders routinely use honorific bird names without thinking or even knowing anything about the people behind them. Who were Anna, Forster, Lincoln, Vaux, and Wilson?

Ken Burton will present brief biographies of these and others after whom some of our local birds were named. Since all honorific bird names are slated to be changed soon, this presentation will serve as a sort of farewell to these people of our ornithological past. Ken will also discuss how organisms get named and talk about the current renaming debate.

Watch the recording of the program on Zoom here.

You will need the following passcode to view the recording:  1Xz%NGgp


Join us on a bird walk or special field trip this month!

Horse / Grouse Mountain

Sunday, June 30, half-day trip

Details on all our walks and field trips are available here.


Regularly scheduled bird walks and work days:

Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary 

Every Saturday! 8:30 - 11 a.m.

Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge

2nd Sunday

Eureka Waterfront Birdwalk

3rd Sunday

Wigi Wetlands Restoration Work Day

4th Saturday

Southern Humboldt

4th Saturday

The June 2024 Sandpiper is available!

Student Bird Art

and Nature Writing Contest


Student Bird Art!

This year, 660 pieces of art were submitted from Humboldt County students in grades K through 12.

All entries were displayed during the Godwit Days Spring Migration Bird Festival.

View the best of the students' amazing paintings and drawings here!

And read the best writing here.

Completely revised and updated, this book presents 26 birding routes throughout the county, with nearly 500 eBird hotspots mentioned. 

It provides information on where and when to look for about 120 of Humboldt's less common birds, with numerous maps and photos. 

The book is spiral bound for ease of use in the field. 

Whether you're looking for a particular species or simply a good place to go birding in Humboldt, this book is for you!

Retail Cost: $20.00

Sales Tax: $1.50

Shipping and Handling: $3.00

Total: $24.50


We are happy to mail copies to you, and they are also available in many local locations. Click here for instructions to have one sent, and local locations to purchase a book.

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The purposes and objectives of this corporation shall be to engage in such educational, scientific, investigative, literary, historical, philanthropic, and charitable pursuits as may be part of the stated purposes of the National Audubon Society, of which this corporation shall function as a Chapter.

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