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Redwood Region Audubon Society advocates for the protection of birds and wildlife by supporting local conservation efforts to protect wildlife and their habitat.

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Read the December 22 - January 23 Sandpiper!

So much to do! Details on all these adventures available here.

Every Saturday! 8:30 - 11 a.m.

Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary

Sunday, December 4  9am.
Women & Girls’ Monthly Bird Walk along Elk River. 
Christmas Bird Counts!
Join one of our local bird counts to observe some the huge number of birds that are here this time of year. Details here.

Dates for the counts:
Saturday, December 17, 2022
Arcata Christmas Bird Count

Sunday, December 18
Del Norte County

Wednesday, December 21
Willow Creek
Check out the photos from our latest restoration work day at Wigi Wetlands!

In-Person Programs Have Returned! Join Us

 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, December 7

Christmas Bird Count Orientation

Sean McAllister, Tony Kurz, and Ken Burton will discuss the Centerville, Arcata, and Tall Trees counts, which they will be leading. They will also provide information on the Del Norte and Willow Creek counts.

Join us at the Masonic Lodge, 251 Bayside Road. Arcata. Hot drinks and goodies will be served at 7 p.m., so bring a mug to enjoy cider, cocoa, or shade-grown coffee. Please come fragrance-free. 

Wood duck  Photo by Ken Burton

You may also view this program via Zoom. 

Read the November Sandpiper here!

Photo from the Yurok Facebook Page

California condors - prey-go-neesh - have returned to Yurok Country! July's issue of the Sandpiper highlights this accomplishment.

There are great photos and information on the Yurok website and Facebook page.

Citizen Science Opportunity

at College of the Redwoods

A grassroots group at College of the Redwoods have embarked on an initiative called the Outdoor Campus Collaborative (OCC). The OCC aims to restore and manage campus forests, ponds, and trails through project-based/place-based learning, while increasing student and community connection with campus lands and with each other.

This year the OCC is focusing on gathering baseline data regarding the campus ponds in order to develop a pond habitat restoration plan. The ponds are good birding! Over 95 species have been recorded through the years.


Curious? Would you like to help? Get the details here.

656 students submitted art work for the Bird Art Contest this year!

See the winning pieces here!

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Treat yourself to a guide book to birds you're likely to find here, or a bird-finding guide to Humboldt County!

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The purposes and objectives of this corporation shall be to engage in such educational, scientific, investigative, literary, historical, philanthropic, and charitable pursuits as may be part of the stated purposes of the National Audubon Society, of which this corporation shall function as a Chapter.

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