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Photos from our Catio Tour!

A catio, or cat patio, is an enclosure that allows cats to access a fun outdoor space that is protected from dangers such as cars, disease, and injury from other cats and, at the same time, protects birds and other wildlife.

This in-person, self-guided tour showcased seven catios in Arcata and McKinleyville. It featured backyard enclosures from frugal to fabulous.

Mary Pierratt, shown below, built her own catio!

Photo by Harriet Hill

The Pierratt cat enjoys being outdoors in his catio.

Photo by Ken Burton

A cat walk!  The Champes' cats can cruise around the outside of the house, then come back in to join their people.

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Photo by Christine Champe

The Dellabalma's cat can climb along a tree branch, or snuggle on a soft cushion.
Photos by Ken Burton

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