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Tips and Ideas for Creating Your Own Catio

Thanks for your interest in creating a catio! They’re good for cats and good for birds.

Here is a list of guidelines for a successful catio - one your cat will love!

Most of the hosts on the tour made their catios themselves. One used a chicken coop design as a starting point. I think a good approach might be to investigate online so you know what you want, and then try to find a person to make it. It doesn’t take a lot of skill to put a simple one together, so perhaps a friend or neighbor could help you.

One good website to look at is It is the business of a woman in Seattle and she shares plenty of photos and suggestions, including catio plans that you can purchase.

Another website that might help is

There are also some preconstructed pet enclosures by PawHut. You might have to assemble it, add a napping platform, or make a way for your cat to enter it from the house 24/7, but they might be worth a look. One of the tour catios used a Pawhut as part of a larger catio.


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