Redwood Region Audubon Society advocates for the protection of birds and wildlife by supporting local conservation efforts to protect wildlife and their habitat.

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The Redwood Region Audubon Society (RRAS) is an energetic community of volunteers from all over northern California. The commitment of our members allows us to be a strong and effective local conservation organization

There are two ways you can become a Audubon member or renew your membership:

Local Redwood Region Audubon Society

  • RRAS offers local Chapter memberships at a yearly $15 or more donation.
  • You may join RRAS by (1) completing the online form below or (2) sending  a check payable to RRAS with the notation, “Local Membership” to P.O. Box 1054, Eureka CA 95502
  • You will receive a subscription to The Sandpiper.
  • Local members are unable to vote in Chapter elections and do not receive Audubon magazine.
  • All proceeds will go to the local Redwood Region Audubon Society.
  • Donations are tax deductible.

National Audubon Society

  • Please visit and select Redwood Region Audubon Society (C24) or call them at 1-844-428-3826 to become a member.
  • National Audubon Society offers memberships at a yearly $20 or more donation.
  • You will receive a subscription to The Sandpiper* and Audubon magazine.
  • If you are renewing your membership, all proceeds go to the National Audubon Society. If you are a new member, our local chapter (RRAS) will receive 100% of your first membership contribution.
  • Donations are tax deductible.
The Sandpiper is a 4-page newsletter informing members of Chapter events and local environmental issues.

The Sandpiper is published eleven times a year and mailed out as an insert to EcoNews, a publication of the Northcoast Environmental Center. Back issues are archived on the RRAS website.
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If you are donating an amount not on the drop-down list, please enter the amount without a $. Some quirk makes our system reject "Other" amounts with a dollar sign in front of them!

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Our Purpose

The purposes and objectives of this corporation shall be to engage in such educational, scientific, investigative, literary, historical, philanthropic, and charitable pursuits as may be part of the stated purposes of the National Audubon Society, of which this corporation shall function as a Chapter.

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